We build interactive 3d experiences for web sites with VERGE 3D. We have extensive 3d experience but have found VERGE 3d to be the most efficient tool for building 3d experiences on the web.

Email sales@3ddreamer.com for more information.

3d Project Examples done with Verge3d
We have extensive experience in this field, with tools that existed before Verge3d. Some of work cannot be shown because of contractual agreements.

Latest Project! Earthtraveler Trailer
3d animations and info boxes

Installation Guide

Outdoor Living Area
3d configurator

Outdoor Kitchen
Educator App


  • 3d model creation

  • 3d interactive web sites

  • Integration of 3d web sites with databases

  • Integration of 3d web sites with legacy or 3rd party systems or software

  • 3d configurators

  • 3d interactive sites

  • 3d analytics and marketing data for business intelligence


Q. Can you use our 3d models?
A. It really depends, but send them over and we will know for sure. We can also create custom models as needed.

Q. What are the browser requirements?
A. We try to build everything such that the average user can use their existing browser and computer. No special requirements.

Q. Can users save the projects with their configurations?
A. Yes. We can make it such that a user can save their projects and share them.

Q. Can you make the 3d tool work with our back end systems or legacy systems?
A. Most likely yes, but of course it will depend on what that system allows. We have experience integrating 3d tools into back end, database , e-commerce and legacy systems.

Email us and we can brainstorm a solution together. If you can imagine it, we can do it.